Maxcable Concept

Brand Image - Maxcable

     Starting from cables and wires, Master Hill plays major and professional role in this industry. Being active, innovated for product development, looking forward to maximize the value for esteemed customers, cooperative partners and company staff, we name the brand – MAXCABLE.

Maxcable Concept

  • To carry out initiative, positive and responsible corporate culture.

  • To create maximized value for clients, partners and employees, keep stable and sustainable business operation.

  • With the idea of “Think about future‧Forecast for technology", looking forward to developing much convenient, innovative and green products.

Position - Taiwan Master Hill research and development centre.

     In response to market trends, we actively develop consumer electronics accessories products, to attract more professional talents and expand production base, we decide to set up Taiwan Master Hill technique and R&D center on ZhongKe Huwei zone in 2014. Welcome to join us.